Quality Policy

Franklin Iron Work's Quality Policy is based on our goal of being our customer's first choice when they need a product of the utmost quality.  In order to continually be an industry leading in product quality we are committed to provide a qualified and well-trained workface that utilizes the latest in state-of-the-art equipment.

We are constantly implementing the latest innovations and tools available throughout our industry as well as educating our employees in the best methods to utilize them.  A few of the major quality control processes that we utilize are summarized below:

Microscopic Testing

  • A portable “Quik” lab is used to determine carbon and silicon in base iron. Samples are taken from each ladle of treated iron and checked microscopically. These results are recorded and filed for future reference.


  • Chill samples are analyzed with an in-house Quanton – Columbus Model Spectrometer to determine the chemical composition. These tests are performed immediately so that any non-conforming product can be removed from the system before further processing. A Brinell Hardness reading is taken daily from test bars which are also used to determine the mechanical properties of the iron using a Tinius Olsen Tensil Testing Machine.


  • After castings are cleaned by shot blasting, they are transferred by a conveyor belt to a Primary Inspection area where castings are sorted before grinding. After grinding, the castings are transported to a final inspection area where touch-up operations and 100% visual inspection takes place. The finished product is then placed in drums or boxes for shipping.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification